Verify Email Address
If your profile lacks a verified email address, you will be prompted to enter one after signing in. Click OK to go to the My Profile page to enter and verify one.
Figure 162: Verify Email Address
Note: If you click Remind me later, you will not be able to use the Self-Service Password Reset feature until you enter and verify an email address from the My Profile page.
On the My Profile page,
If you are signed in with the Scheduling Administrator role, enter an email address in the Primary Email field and click Verify.
If you are signed in with the Employee role:
- By default, Primary Email will be selected in the Send Email Notifications to field. If an email address displays after this field, that means that there is an email address entered in your ANSOS One-Staff Controller record. Click Verify to use this email address.
- If there is no email address displayed, or to use a different address to receive notifications, select Other Email from the drop-down list. Then enter an address in the field provided and click Verify.
After clicking Verify, a verification code will be sent to the email address you have entered and a message will display prompting you to enter it. Check you email account for this code, enter it in the field provided, and click OK. A Verification Complete message will display. Click OK. An indicator will display beside the email address on the My Profile page indicating it has been verified.
Figure 163: Verified email address
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